La MANCHE and D-Transform: synergy and exchange of good practices

On 6th October, the La MANCHE project coordinator joined online the third partner meeting of the D-Transform Erasmus+ project led by Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in France. The chief goal of D-Transform is to set up a programme on leadership development in e-learning targeted at senior university leaders. The project consortium consists of seven partners from five EU countries including France, Italy, Hungary, Spain and the UK. Details about D-Transform could be read at the project website as well as in the attached flyer.

La MANCHE and D-Transform share a common vision for the development of higher education institutions in the context of constant changes and uncertainties which shall be based on the principles of responsible leadership and streamlined change management. During the online presentation of La MANCHE, its project coordinator spoke about the achievements and results in La MANCHE with a focus on the recently published La MANCHE Strategy. In particular, attention was also paid to the La MANCHE Virtual Think which represents an online based initiative for stakeholder management and continous dialogue with university stakeholders across the region of the Eastern Neighboring Area.

Synergies and exchange of good practices between the two project are planned to continue beyond 14th October 2015 when La MANCHE ends. The next partner meeting in D-Transform is scheduled for April 2016.