La MANCHE 1st Information Bulletin


Dear Reader,

It is our pleasure to introduce to your attention the 1st Information Bulletin of the La MANCHE project.

La MANCHE stands for Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education and we are committed to turn this acronym into a synonym of modernization, transformational leadership and sustainable change at the higher education institutions involved in the project.

The project is funded by the Tempus IV Programme of the European Commission and aims at promoting and supporting the modernization of higher education institutions in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

This is the first issue of a series of information bulletins to be published during the project life. With the information bulletins we would like not only to keep the higher education institutions and stakeholders in the La MANCHE countries updated on the project progress and its key outcomes, but also to advocate for building leadership skills and change management mechanisms in the higher education systems in the Partner Countries. Capacity building is a key factor for good governance and one of the main ways to achieve modernization.

Higher education systems all over the world are facing today challenges related to the processes of increased competition, internationalization, decreasing public funding and limited financial resources, irrelevance of graduates’ skills to labour market needs, outdated curricula, weak links between education, research and innovation, underdeveloped knowledge-transfer infrastructure at the universities, lack of entrepreneurial, creative and innovation skills. It is our firm belief that the only way to address these challenges is to embrace change and to lead the higher education institutions through the processes of transformation by providing smart and responsible leadership solutions.

Thanks to the La MANCHE project the partner institutions have embraced on a long learning journey. We would like to invite you to follow us on this learning journey and to become a part of it.


Yours faithfully,

La MANCHE Project Team