5th Information Bulletin

Dear Reader,

We in La MANCHE are at the end of our three-year-long learning journey. This 36-month project is approaching its end and we are proud of our joint efforts and achievements. We are even prouder of the impact the project dedicated to leadership and change management has made in the partner universities from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

It goes without saying, that today we know far more about leadership, change management, change in general and higher education modernization and reforms in the Eastern Neighboring Area from three years ago. We feel that the lessons learnt in the field of intercultural communication and awareness and the experience in cross-border academic collaboration are equally important and will have long-term impact on our institutions as well.

Standing at the end of this long journey would made us sad if we were not confident that our collaboration in La MANCHE will continue beyond the project life. This will be secured through the mechanisms established and the activities planned to guarantee project sustainability. You could read about these on p.8 of the current 5th Information Bulletin.

In addition, we will continue to cooperate through the Erasmus+ Programme for International Credit Mobility. Thanks to the successful work in La MANCHE, in 2015/2016 the project coordinating institution Varna University of Management will receive a significant share of the total funding allocated to Bulgaria for the Eastern Neighboring Area within Erasmus+, Key Activity 1 Programme and will welcome students and staff from more than 15 La MANCHE universities. New Young Leaders Academy for students and young academics, innovative workshops in talent management and new events to promote the entrepreneurial university concept will be organized and held for the La MANCHE participants in 2016 in Varna, Bulgaria.

La MANCHE may has reached its end but we will continue to collaborate. A lot of inspirational ideas and thoughts have been shared over the last three years. We choose to sum up La MANCHE through Henry Ford’s quote on teamwork and cooperation. He once said that “coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” And La MANCHE is success.


Yours faithfully,

La MANCHE Project Consortium