Gender Equality Advocates Transnational Themed Working Groups

Although the theme of gender equality in higher education was examined closely on consortium level only towards the end of the project in the framework of the Workshop Women in Leadership, the partners have organized at institutional level various discussions dedicated to such glass ceiling issues as the questions of quotas, the need to establish mentoring programmes for women in higher education, the problem of women's low representation in research and science. It should be noted that the majority of the universities in La MANCHE have women vice rectors and some of them even women rectors. Due to the increased interest towards to topic of gender equality, many partner institutions have also contacted and consulted with NGOs acting as gender equality advocates. Some of the partner institutions in La MANCHE have a Center/Department for gender studies. In total, the WG on Gender Equality here. Main objective of the numerous face-to-face meetings was exchange of good practices in achieving gender balance in HE and in society at large as well as raising awareness on the problem and promoting gender equality.