Policymakers Transnational Themed Working Group

The La MANCHE Themed Working Group with Policymakers combines the expertise and knowledge of representatives of Ministries of Education and Science, National Agencies for Quality Assurance, other ministries and national public authorities, local municipalities, political parties in the five Partner Countries and in the EU as well as experts from the La MANCHE project.

The Policymakers WG members are active and committed to the processes of higher education modernisation and university governance and have been involved in the La MANCHE project in one way or another. The members who had joined the La MANCHE community over the last 18 months of the project life are 179 in total. They have collaborated in the framework of various face-to-face networking and project promotional events and skype sessions as well as through the means of the La MANCHE VTT platform. Many of the Policymakers WG have provided valuable input to the online discussions on the La MANCHE VTT and have contributed to the elaboration of the La MANCHE Strategy.

A list with the registered policymakers including their contact data could be found here.