Workshop Women in Leadership

Gori Teaching University


17th September 2015

On 17th September 2015, in the framework of the 5th and final project meeting hosted by Gori Teaching University a workshop Women in Leadership was held. The workshop was attended by 46 project partners from the 23 Partner Countries universities, 39 of which were women. The workshop was aimed both at current as well as at prospective women leaders who are part of the leadership pipeline of the universities from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

5 EU experts and 2 Partner Countries representatives contributed to the workshop. Various topics linked to gender balance in higher education and research as well as to gender equality in society at large were at the heart of the lectures and initiated discussions. The workshop provided an overview of the measures introduced on EU level to meet the challenges of gender equality. Lecturers and trainers presented various approaches on how to deal with the “glass ceiling issues” at personal and organizational level.