La MANCHE Objectives

The La MANCHE project’s overall objective is to promote the modernization of the Higher Education in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine by:

  • building governance and management capacities at the participating Higher Education Institutions
  • initiating sustainable dialogue on the HE reforms among relevant interest groups
  • empowering students to become more actively involved in decision making at the Higher Education Institutions.

The La MANCHE project's specific objectives are:

1) to map out current leadership skills and prevalent management models at HEIs in the participating Partner Countries (PCs)

2) to map out the broader environment and socio-economic conditions in which HE modernization processes in the PCs evolve

3) to transfer context-sensitive good governance practices and models for effective leadership and change management from EU HEIs to HEIs in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

4) to build the leadership capacities of the senior management at PCs HEIs with a focus on transformational leadership

5) to involve EU and PCs HEI leaders in interactive peer learning and exchange of good practices in the field of HE governance

6) to provide a platform for critical dialogue and to promote joint problem solving and interaction among PCs HEIs and other key stakeholders in HE; in particular, to stimulate grassroots leadership initiatives among students

7) to develop and promote a context-sensitive strategy for leading and managing change in HE in the region

8) to raise awareness on the European Higher Education Modernization Agenda and the need for HE reforms in the PCs.