Learning and Teaching Materials in Leadership and Change Management

The capacity building activities in Work Package 4 include development and design of training resources in leadership and change management. EU experts in the project have prepared teaching and learning materials which cover both generic and education sector specific themes. Training materials could be used by both trainers and trainees and aim at building leadership skills and introducing streamlined culture of change at institutional level.

The following topics are included in the guidance materials and syllabus in leadership:

1) Theories and practice of leadership: from charismatic to transformational

2) Leadership as a function of power

3) Leadership versus management

4) Decision making and problem solving

5) Fairness and leadership

6) Morality and leadership

7) Grassroots leadership

8) Leadership in academic settings

9) Female leadership in higher education.


In the field of change management the guidance materials and syllabus focus on the following main topics:

1) The nature of change

2) Change management: theories and practices

3) John P Kotter's "eight steps to successful change"

4) Change management and organizational structure

5) Change strategies

6) Change resistance

7) Effective communication

8) Conflict management

9) Change management in higher education.