Lutsk National Technical University



Lutsk National Technical University

Луцький національний технічний університет




Institutional Coordinator

Dr. Zoryana  Herasymchuk

Natalia Martyniuk         



+ 38 033 274 61 03

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Lutsk National Technical University (Lutsk NTU) is the leading technical university in the Volyn Region of Ukraine. It was founded in 1966 and in 2008 Lutsk NTU was given a national status. Nowadays it comprises nice Faculties, among which there is a Computer Science and Information Technologies Faculty, the Faculty of Ecology, Instruments & Power Systems, the Machine-Building Faculty, the Technological Faculty and the Faculty of Business, etc. Besides, Lutsk NTU has a Centre for Distance Training and an Institute for Continuing Education. The academic staff of the university includes 394 persons. Among them there are 32 Doctors of Science, Professors, 268 Candidates of Science, 18 Academicians. Nearly 6 300 students in 35 specialties are trained in a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. To enhance the relationship of the university with local labour market the Centre for Business Students was founded in 2011. LNTU takes part in different international exchange programmes and joint projects with organizations and institutes from Europe and all over the world.