Lviv Academy of Commerce



Lviv Academy of Commerce

Львівська комерційна академія




Institutional Coordinator

Tetyana  Shtanko



+38 032 244 40 18

Partner Profile

Lviv Academy of Commerce (LAC) is a Higher Education institution of IV accreditation level with about 200-year history. The work of the institution is aimed at improvement of Higher Education, establishing modern system of methodological and information providing of consumer cooperation, moving to the dynamic system of specialists’ preparation. There are about 455 lecturers, including 5 academics, 28 doctors of sciences and professors, 210  candidates of sciences and associate professors, more than 8000 students at the Academy. LAC has five educational buildings, a library with more than 500000 titles, four student hostels, computer center with laboratory. There are three institutes and five faculties in LAC which provide training and teaching on the undergraduate and Master level.