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Gavar State University




Institutional Coordinator

Dr. Arsen Aproyan



+374 264 25 775

Partner Profile

Gavar State University is a public institution providing higher ducation to the population in the region and outside of it. Established in 1993, it has more than 3,000 full-time and part-time students. The university is engaged in the development and innovation of its facilities on a daily basis in order to provide the necessary learning environment for its students and academic staff. Since 2007, the education at Gavar State University has been organized within the framework of the Bologna Process and especially the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The University seeks internationalization and enhancement of its collaboration with European universities, aiming at the exchange and development of scientific and practical skills of its students and professors. Currently the university is in the process of modernization of the curricula to match the labour market needs and civil society expectations.