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Gori State Teaching University

გორის სახელმწიფო სასწავლო უნივერსიტეტი





Institutional Coordinator

Ruizan Mekvabidze




+995 58 75 16 13

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Gori StateTeaching University is a significant center for education and science in Shida Kartli. It was established as a result of merging two higher education institutions, Gori State University and Tskhinvali State University (Government Resolution #176, August 22, 2007). For the purpose of implementing the mission Gori  State Teaching University conducts its activities in the following directions:

  • Provides with affordable, high quality vocational and academic (Bachelor, Master) education which corresponds to the interests of the region and the country;
  • Provides creating and developing safe, reliable and encouraging surrounding for studying, teaching, scientific research, creative and administrative affairs;
  • Ensures the realization of personal potential and the development of creative skills of the students, academic, administrative and assistant personnel, teachers and vocational education teachers;
  • Implements Life Long Learning (continuous education) system by offering and implementing vocational education programs according to the demand of the society;
  • Supports and consolidates the initiatives of the students, staff, faculty and administrative structures in terms of joint management;
  • Develops partnership relations with Georgian and foreign leading educational institutions, encourages the mobility of students, vocational students and academic staff.