La MANCHE National Conference in Moldova

On 12th May 2015, Tueday, State Agrarian University of Moldova will host the La MANCHE National Conference in Moldova. The event will be attended by numerous stakeholders in higher education from Moldova including students and academics of universities both inside and outside the La MANCHE consortium, policy makers, business representatives and civil society representatives. The Conference will present the main achievements of La MANCHE in Moldova and will contribute to public discussion of topics and themes to be included in the La MANCHE Strategy.


For more details, please, contact the Organizing Committee members:

Dr Cristina Cosciug, Vice Rector for International Affairs at SAUM, email:

Dr. Vadim Sirkeli, Head of Dept. of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Physics at CSU, email:

Dr Valentina Pritcan, Vice Rector for Scientific Activities and International Relations at USB, email:

Dr Angela Niculitsa, Vice Rector for International Relations at MSU, email: