La MANCHE at the RAISE Conference in the UK

On 11th September, at the RAISE conference in Manchester, UK Sarah Digby from UCB will present the La MANCHE project results achieved by the UCB project team in the field of student engagement. RAISE stands for Research, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement and in the framework of the conference Sarah Digby will share her experience and knowledge related to the student engagement toolkit i

International conference Educational Management: Effective Practices

In the period of 23th - 25th September 2014 IUC, Bulgaria will host an international conference focusing on a variety of topics related to educational management. Academics and educational managers as well as representatives of the business and the non-governmental sector will discuss innovative managerial practices in education, human resource development and skills upgrade in the sphere of sec

Networking events to promote La MANCHE VTT

In the course of September 2014 each of the 23 Partner Countries institutions in La MANCHE will host a one-day networking event to bring various stakeholders in higher education face to face. The events will be aimed at raising awareness on the project among key stakeholders of the universities and to motivate them to engage with the project prospective activities, e.g. the establishment of the

Pilot training for education managers at IUC, Bulgaria

In the period of 7th - 11th July 2014, IUC Bulgaria will host a pilot training for education managers. The event is organized in the framework of the MANAGE.EDU project funded by the Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation Programme. The La MANCHE VTT will be presented to various educational institutions from Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Turkey. La MANCHE partners IUC, Caucasus University from Georg

Workshop in networking and stakeholders management

On 11th June, in the framework of the 4th La MANCHE project meeting workshops in networking and stakeholders management will be held. The training event will be facilitated by EU experts in the project. Project partners will learn more on how to benefit from the expertise and experience of main stakeholders in higher education when drafting the Strategy for Leading and Managing Change in Higher

International conference “Education in the 21st century: Problems and Challenges”

Within the series of events dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Yerevan State University an international conference entitled “Education in the 21st century: Problems and Challenges” will take place on 11th June 2014. The conference will be devoted to the main problems of contemporary higher education, including university autonomy, quality assurance, and the internationalization of

Young Leaders Academy for La MANCHE partner institutions students

IUC, Bulgaria will host in September 2014 a large scale training and networking event for students from the La MANCHE consortium. The Young Leaders Academy will be attended by 62 students from the 28 institutions who are student organizations leaders and are actively involved in the decision making processes at their home institutions. The purpose of the Young Leaders Academy is to build student

La MANCHE 4th meeting at Yerevan State University

The 4th partner meeting will be the first one in the project to be organized by a Partner Country institution. In the period of 9th  - 13th June 2014 Yerevan State University will host the three-day project meeting. The meeting will include a panel session dedicated to the launch of La MANCHE Virtual Think Tank. In addition, a half-day training in networking and stakeholder management in hi

Public lectures in Grassroots Leadership at the 23 Partner Country institutions

23 public lectures will take place at the La MANCHE Partner Country institutions during May 2014. The lectures are intended for students and academic and administrative staff and are planned to be attended by at least 700 members of the La MANCHE partners' academic communities. The public lectures will cover topics such as the role of grassroots leadership and student involvement in decision

Local multiplication trainings in Leadership and Change Management to take place at the 23 La MANCHE Partner Country institutions

Between January and April 2014 each of the 23 Partner Country institutions in the La MANCHE will organize and hold tlocal multiplication three day trainings in change management for Head of Administrative Units, Deans of Faculties and Head of Departments. The trainings aim at developing skills for effective change management and introducing innovative culture in institutions. The trainers at the

Trainings for trainers in Leadership and Change Management

On 23rd and 24th October 2013 the Partner Countries institutions in La MANCHE will take part in trainings for trainers organized and facilitated by the EU experts in the project. Agenda of the trainings includes a number of topic related to leadership in higher education, managing change in academic environment and social responsibily and role of the universities today. The trainees which are re

La MANCHE partner meeting on 22nd October to be live-streamed

The partner meeting on 22nd October will be live-streamed at www.streaming-lamanche.ipb.pt. Project partners not able to attend the meeting in Braganca in person will be able to follow the event live. The morning agenda includes a presentation of the project progress made so far and a keynote speach by Prof. Michael Zouboulakis from the University of Thessal

La MANCHE 3rd Partner Meeting

The 3rd project partner meeting will be hosted by the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança in Portugal during the week commencing 21st October 2013. The three day meeting will be combined with trainings for trainers in leadership and change management. The large-scale event will attended by 69 representatives from the Partner Country higher education institutions in the project and represent

Workshop on Leadership in Higher Education

The 2nd La MANCHE partner meeting to take place in Birmingham, UK will be combined with a workshop on Leadership in Higher Education. The event is organized by University College Birmingham and will be live streamed on 24th April. A link to the webcast along with the workshop agenda is posted on UCB's website. Representatives of the La MANCHE partner institutions and stakeholders in the ten